I am the type of person that

I love being involved in making something stand out.

Having been born and raised in Edmonton, I've had this mindset for as long as I can remember. It shows up in the work I create, the projects I contribute to, and the way I live my life.

There ain’t no rules around here. We’re trying to accomplish something.
— Thomas Edison

Never stop adding to your story

With the world always changing, why would anyone stop? I would rather be a contributor than merely a participant in life. So come join me for the ride. I hope to show you a unique perspective of the world.


The city Where you can make something from nothing...

My Experiences have opened my eyes to all the opportunities in my city

Entrepreneurial at heart, Bobby.T has traveled the world as a professional video game player, has owned a menswear clothing store, and now operates a company that connects brands with people. Passionate for bringing new experiences to Edmonton, Bobby.T creates new activations to engage the community.

Pause and Reflect

Today we live in such a fast paced world that we expect instant gratification. We get so caught up in high volumes of content, but forget how valuable it is to pause and reflect about ourselves and our experiences.

People & Community

Connecting with people is one of the most interesting things a person can experience. Through social media we have the opportunity to engage more people than ever, but are we actually connecting?

Business of Experience

What makes something memorable today? We are all pushed so many directions in terms of events, products, and services. So what makes some stand out from the rest while others fade into the background?

The key to creating memorable experiences is developing relationships with people and services