August 4


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August 4, 2020

Over the past month, I have notice people in Edmonton are looking at a lot of activities and events with a black lens allowing events like a Black-Owned Market to pop-up.

It has been refreshing to see so many ideas come to fruition, such as the Black Teachers Association, kids music embracing black skinemerging conversations in the cannabis space, and for the first time Edmonton's first Black-owned market.

I had a unique opportunity to sit down and chat with Ivan and Rochelle, who are the primary team leads behind Black-Owned Market YEG (BOMYEG). In this conversation on 360 Chat Podcast, I effectively heard firsthand about the lead up to this inaugural event and some of the challenges they face pre- and post-market.

Jeff Labine, Edmonton Journal

Ignacio said Black-owned businesses face numerous challenges to reach the broader public such as not having access to generational wealth and not being able to access additional funds such as loans because of systemic racism. She said she hopes the market helps to bridge some of those gaps by showcasing various Black-operated small businesses." 

Every day, I'm hearing a new idea or concept from a black entrepreneur coming to fruition, that likely would have never been supported six months ago now being embraced. I think it's vital for black people trying to bring ideas to reality to consider the two following points:

Community is Everything

It is essential to find yourself a community or group of people to work with to tackle projects. Without people, you'll be limited to your own expertise.

Black Lens will fade

This hyperawareness of anti-black racism will fade with time, but not completely disappear. With the current climate of businesses and, in general, people looking to support Black events — make sure you pack your activities with value for the end consumer, to have repeat success.


    Find a group of people who have complementary skills to curate and start projects
  • Don't take shortcuts 
    It's vital to follow currents city and provincial rules and guidelines. People's health and safety should be your top priority..
  • Ask for Help
    No one got anywhere significant by themselves. It's fundamental to ask for help; the worst thing that could happen is they say will say no.
  • Collaborate More
    Specifically with people who are bringing something to the table. This will complement and help you run a smoother event, activity, and make the whole experience that much more enjoyable.


 Robert "bobby.t" Tyndale

A creator at heart, Bobby.T went on to found Version Me Media, where he specializes in the development of meaningful content to engage people online and offline around products, services, and causes.


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