People are constantly working at getting people's attention but to do so we must..

Create memorable experiences

The Manifesto

Below are bobby.t's key three main motives for creating memorable experiences.


Creating, remixing, and sharing dope content on your own platform is vital in creating experiences unique to you.


Methods and processes are advancing on daily basis, giving people the opportunity to start with little resources other then time.


Collaborating and working with others is a fundamental pillar in creating memorable experiences with your audience


bobby.t is an entrepreneur, past esports player and loves to create podcasts and vlog. He specializes in brand development, partnerships, and community engagement and started his marketing agency Version Me Media that focuses on businesses' content production. 

For collaborations, business inquiries, and interviews email me at

bobby.T’s passion for digital experiences can be traced back to his professional eSports days. While competing in front of thousands of people online and offline, he realized the opportunities that digital marketing created for brands, products, and events. This led him to dive deeper into marketing and obtain a Bachelor of Commerce degree to understand what fueled subculture communities.

A creator at heart, bobby.t went on to found Version Me Media, where he specializes in developing meaningful content to engage people online around products, services, and causes.

Over the past few years, bobby.t has used digital channels such as podcasts and vlogs, to document and share content creation and digital marketing processes. His most recent program is The Biz Check-In, where he chats with business owners about their story, operations, challenges, and goals.

Outside of Version Me Media, Bobby.T has a heart for the community. He sits on the board of two not-for-profit organizations—the Federation of Black Canadians and the Jamaica Association of Northern Alberta—to build a healthier and more connected Black community in Canada.