September 15

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September 15, 2020

Today marks the beginning of a new 90-day content creation challenge. For many years, like many content creators, I struggled with the on-going chase of perfection. This mindset has pushed me to bury so much of work over the years and till today.

There is a famous quote by Ira Glass that all creative should read called the Gap, or watch.

This 90 content creation challenge is an attempt to publish multiple series of work to close the gap between my work and taste. The rules broken into phases

  • Phase 1, publish 30 content pieces in 30 days
  • Phase 2, publish 10 content pieces in 30 days
  • Phase 3, publish 4 content pieces in 30 days

The goal is to produce content while limiting my time (max four hours) to work my way into creating memorable experiences.


 Robert "bobby.t" Tyndale

A creator at heart, Bobby.T went on to found Version Me Media, where he specializes in the development of meaningful content to engage people online and offline around products, services, and causes.


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